lampstandTeen Missions has a desire and sees the need to bring back to life the correlation between salvation and the blood of the unblemished lamb. What better way to do this than taking a tour of a life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle.

In January of 1995, we began to build a life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle to use as an evangelistic tool to point others to Christ and to raise funds for AIDS Orphans in Africa.  The building of the Tabernacle was a longtime dream of Director Robert M. Bland and fellow classmate Howard Vanderpool who sat under the teaching of Dr. John A. Hubbard while attending Arizona Bible Institute (ABI).  Dr. Hubbard taught at ABI for 15 years and at The Institute of Los Angles for 28 years. Some of the many he taught included R.G. Le Tourneau, Irving Moon, Charles Fuller and E.C. Eymann.

God gave Moses two skilled craftsmen Bezaleel of the tribe of Judah and Aholiab of the tribe of Dan, to build the Old Testament Tabernacle in the wilderness. God gave Teen Missions two skilled craftsman for our replica, Howard and Mary Vanderpool.

Our Tabernacle took three years to build. The Tabernacle Courtyard is 75′ by 150′. The courtyard fence made of linen imported from the Czech Republic is 7 1/2 ‘ high and 395’ long. The Tabernacle has four 2000 Sq. Ft. coverings. The first is of linen with a host of angels hand embroidered on, the second is made of goat skins imported from Africa, the third is made of ram skins imported from New Zealand and hand-dyed red.  According to the Old Testament, the fourth covering was badger or porpoise skin, we have used a grey vinyl for our portable Tabernacle and leave off the fourth covering on the Tabernacle here in Florida.

Realizing it would be financially impossible to use pure gold and silver for our replica, we used gold and silver anodized metal. The golden Lampstand and Laver were fashioned out of brass and imported from Egypt.